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Technical Content

New Part Introduction Videos

Murata BLM18KN_EH Series Ferrite Beads / Inductor Type Filters

Murata's BLM18KN_EH series of chip ferrite beads / inductor type filters provide power line noise suppression in automotive applications, including engine and transmission electronic control units and turbo motor controllers.

Murata's chip ferrite beads conform to AEC-Q200 standards for operation up to 175°C, making them suitable for variou engine applications. This is achieved by using ferrite material that maintains its magnetic properties at high temperature and an electrode that suppresses temperature-related deterioration... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics

Murata LQW43FT_0H Series Broadband Inductors

Murata's LQW43FT_0H series of broadband inductors are ideal for Bias-T circuits in automotive Power over Coax applications that support ADAS and other systems that rely on high-definition cameras.

These 1812 inch (4532 mm) size inductors utilize Murata's original ceramic materials and coil structures to provide a wide range of inductance values and high current ratings, enabling reduced design size and weight compared to alternative solutions.

These inductors offer high impedance performance over a broad frequency range covering both the control and video data signal ranges and can be used with other LQW_FT series inductors in 1210 and 0805 sizes to reduce the part count and mounting space required for PoC designs... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics

Murata PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC Thermistors

Murata's PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC thermistors leverage Murata's proprietary ceramic technology to provide highly responsive thermal sensing in a compact package.

The thermistors are supplied as an 0201-sized surface mount device, offering design engineers the smallest and most cost efficient overheat sensing solution on the market. The small size makes the PRF03BB541NB7RL PTC thermistors ideal for space-limited applications such as wearables, smartphones, and tablets... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics

Murata PKHPS0013E40 Series Piezoelectric Sounders / Buzzers

Murata's PKHPS0013E40 series pin-type piezoelectric sounders produce high sound pressure level from a compact component, allowing your device to produce feedback, warnings, and other sounds that are clearly audible.

The PKHPS0013E40 series sounders are 12.6 millimeters in diameter and 9... See More

Manufacturer: Murata Electronics

Epson: Automotive Real Time Clocks (RA8804CE, RA8000CE, RA4000CE)

Automotive applications such as battery management systems, in-vehicle networking, and infotainment systems require a low power, high-accuracy timing solutions that can operate at high temperatures. Epson RA8804CE, RA8000CE and RA4000CE are AEC-Q100 compliant RTCs with a built-in digital TCXO that enables exceptional stability over a wide temperature range to ensure high accuracy timing in automotive applications. The RTC modules feature a 3... See More

Manufacturer: Epson Timing

Microchip: PolarFire SoC FPGAs

Microchip PolarFire SoC FPGAs bring power and thermally efficient computing to edge systems. The exceptional power and thermal efficiency eliminates the need for fans, heatsinks, and other cooling devices. This allows for a compact design with robust compute horsepower for communications, defense, medical, industrial automation, and other applications... See More

Manufacturer: Microchip

Wakefield Thermal: Thermal Extrusions

Thermal Extrusions from Wakefield Thermal are now available from Sager Electronics. Extruded heat sinks are the most common and cost-effective thermal management solution for electronic devices. Wakefield Thermal offers a wide range of shapes and sizes, including high aspect ratios... See More
Manufacturer: Wakefield Thermal

Phoenix Contact: CONTACTRON Speed Starter

Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON speed starters are now available from Sager Electronics. CONTACTRON speed starters are a new class of motor controller that combine basic motor starter functions with speed control, full-torque ramp, and efficiency enhancing capabilities without the complexity of a variable frequency drive. They’re designed for fast installation and feature intuitive controls to quickly configure settings such as overload current, ramp up and ramp down time, motor speeds, and more... See More
Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact


Modern vehicles leverage a tremendous amount of software. Software enhances passenger safety and comfort as well as the overall driving experience. However, software development is a heavy burden for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers. Here are three challenges developers need to address in automotive software development: 1. Functional Safety Verifying compliance with ISO 26262 ASIL D requirements is challenging as codebases grow to include functions... See More
Manufacturer: NXP

Murata: IRH-W80 and IRQ-W80 DC-DC Converters

Murata’s 250 watt IRH-W80 and 150 watt IRQ-W80 half- and quarter-brick power modules provide high-density, high-efficiency DC-DC power conversion in a rugged design ready for railway, buses, and other harsh applications. The power modules feature an ultrawide 16 to 160 volt DC input and are available with outputs at 12, 24, and 54 volts, with over 4000 volts DC reinforced isolation between the input and output. The power modules also feature an adjustable under voltage lockout protection that can prevent deep discharge of batteries and they offer a hold up time up to 30 milliseconds with an external capacitor... See More
Manufacturer: Murata Electronics
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